Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Non-event on the Road to the Inevitable

One constant about the European situation over the last two years is there's always another "critical" moment just around the corner to deal with. It reminds one of the old 'cry wolf' story. Do it once, just once, too often and your dead.

Anyway, here's a few quotes from news sources today around the coming ECB (European Central Bank) announcements tonight:

"U.S. stocks were little changed on Wednesday, with investors reluctant to make big bets ahead of a crucial meeting of the European Central Bank, which could announce new policies to help contain the euro zone's debt crisis.

Central Bank sources told Reuters the ECB was ready to waive seniority status on government bonds it buys under a new program which it is set to agree on at Thursday's Governing Council meeting.

Bloomberg earlier reported that the ECB would, with broad support from its council members, unveil an unlimited, sterilized program of bond purchases. The ECB has been expected to be cautious about disclosing the size of its bond-buying, given opposition from Germany's central bank.

Further details of the plan will be revealed by ECB President Mario Draghi after Thursday's meeting, but some analysts cautioned the ECB may opt to wait until after the German constitutional court rules on the region's bailout funds on September 12 to announce any new steps."

Ho Hum, just another non-event on the road to the inevitable. Who in their right minds would trade in markets like these?

Lastyl, for your further reading, look at this article on the current discussion around the gold standard returning.

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