Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Greek Bank Run Before June 16

Here is a scenario put forward by David Zervos from Jefferies, as reported in Zero Hedge about the possible coming Greek bank run:

"So lets "run" through the mechanics of a Greek bank run. As the Greek people begin to smell a Greek exit and a conversion of their hard earned Euro deposits back to Drachmas, they will withdraw Euros from Greek banks. So the Greek banks will head to the BoG with some dubious collateral to beg for Euros to pay depositors. The BoG takes the collateral, gives it a minuscule haircut, and draws Euros via the ELA. This of course creates an increase in BoG Target2 liabilities. The BoG then sends the Euros to the Greek bank and the Greek bank then gives the Euros to the hard working Greek depositor standing in line waiting to empty the account"...more here

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