Monday, February 20, 2012

Counterfeit Gold

"The notes, which were dated 1934, were found in three safety deposit boxes in Zurich" says the Telegraph

$6 Trillion in counterfeit US bonds is fascinating and verges on the unbelievable. Why would anyone even begin to think that a $1 billion dollar bond, dated 1934, would be useful today? Perhaps they were looking at the collectors market? Even then, did such denominations even exist in 1934 when $1 billion would have bought a small country? This find raises a few questions.

Ths interesting part of the whole find are the boxes these were found in. Why go to all the trouble creating a 1934 Chicago Federal Reserve 'treasure chest' looking box to store these in?

I don't know enough about real bonds, let alone fake ones, to comment. But here's one theory, of which I have no corroborating evidence for at all. It's probably just a good conspiracy story. An interesting read though.

I have noted many times on this blog, alchemy, or possessing the capability of turning base metals into the noble metals gold or silver, is not yet a fact. Printing gold or silver Au and Ag atoms isn't possible yet.

Find a few bars of gold and silver belongoing to the Mafia and you can use them straight away as money.

Not so the paper bonds, or for that matter, as time goes on, the Federal Reserve so-called 'real bonds'.

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