Friday, June 3, 2011

Gold and Silver Chart News

Here is the latest post from Dan Norcini. Dan is always excellent in his analysis.

"Gold has met the initial upside target of $1,550 based on the breakout above $1,530. It is displaying this strength in the face of widespread commodity selling by the hedgies as they run from risk once again and unload long positions cross the entirety of the complex. Only the markets with the strongest fundamentals have been able to shrug off this huge algorithm-generated selling.

I am now looking for a solid close in gold ABOVE the $1,550 level to signal a run back towards the recent all time high near $1575. If gold fails to extend its gains above $1,550 it will set back some and dip towards $1,530 where it should encounter some decent sized buying, particularly if strength in both Euro-gold and British Pound-gold continues.

Risk trades are being yanked off in droves today but in spite of that, the Dollar, while higher, is not getting that much of a bid. That is most interesting and bears watching. This is the 4th consecutive close by the Dollar below the 50 day moving average, not particularly inspiring if you are a Dollar bull. A failure by the Dollar to extend its gains will be positive for the metals, gold in particular, which is trading as a hard currency against the paper currencies right now.

The ADP number has taken the wind out of the equity bulls' sails and has left the chart of the S&P looking quite ugly and very disconcerting for any future prospects regarding the US economy overall. It had managed to claw its way back above the 50 day moving average but completely broke down in today's session. It looks heavy and feels like it wants to go back down and retest 1300. If it fails there, it is going to get ugly in equityville.

The long bond bubble is beginning to form once again and it will take another round of QE to pop it. While the Fed loves the low interest rate environment being created by this mad rush into low yielding bonds, they do not love the ACCOMPANYING market behavior of the equities and many of the commodity markets because that is signaling deflation. What the Fed wants, and is NOT GOING TO GET, is a low interest rate environment accompanied by RISING stock prices and gradually rising commodity prices. They will not get that either. If they push in another round of stimulus, they are going to get a collapse in bond prices alongside a surge in equities and commodities. If they fail to stimulate, they are going to get their dreaded deflation bubble in bonds."

Gold in New Zealand dollars: $1884.44 per oz
Previous all time high: $1955.10 per oz

Silver in New Zealand dollars: $43.86 per oz
Previous all time high: $48.58
per oz

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