Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Preparation is key

Ants are good at this. In times of plenty they squirrel away food aplenty for a time they know will be fraught with hardship...winter.

In a recent trip to Panama, my daughter and I watched and marveled as leaf-cutter ants crossed our path in a line of focused industry. Ants carrying huge weights of leafs on their backs, concentrated on the goal of reaching their nests to store up food.

What is our attitude to preparation? How would we cope in a crisis, whether that be man-made or natural.

As you may be aware. Christchurch, in New Zealand, suffered an horrendous earthquake in February. Interestingly, a poll was conducted last week as to whether people in that city are now prepared with basic survival needs in case of another catastrophe. Only 50% responded that they were. That's quite high, even taking into account that people are still getting over the trauma of this.

If there is a major financial meltdown in the near future, how prepared are we and what can we do? Here's a few ideas These are not at all exhaustive. If you can contribute some comments, then feel free.

1. Have some cash on hand. At least a weeks worth, more if possible.

If the banking system fails and the banks close for a period of time, cash will be king. Even having some small tradable pieces of gold and silver on hand for bartering will be useful. Who would accept these? My thinking is, in a crisis, the true meaning of what money is will grow quickly and gold and silver will be accepted very easily by many traders, especially those from Asian backgrounds.

2. Have at least 4 weeks food available

3. Have something to cook on.

We have just purchased an 'Ozpig'. This is a portable fire oven that is light and easy to carry and can heat and cook food. If you have a BBQ, then make sure you have gas.

4. Get a survival kit together.

This would include some water and ways to filter water. Tools, batteries etc. There are many sites on the internet to help you get these items together (see below)

You may feel this is all a bit alarmist. But being ready is to feel more secure, especially if you have dependent children to look after.

For a very good summary of what you may need to do to prepare, go to

Happy leaf-cutting!

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