Monday, September 20, 2010

Gold is at all time highs and silver approaching the 2008 highs, the reasons to own these precious metals is becoming more ‘mainstream’.

This means that ‘Joe Public’ will be gaining interest. Already this week, three close acquaintances of ours have asked “How is your gold going?”

Financial systems are in stress and, when this happens, people can lose confidence and begin to look for other ways to protect their wealth. Gold is more than a commodity, it is the ultimate reserve currency. This is why the price is rising. Europeans are especially concerned and are buying gold. They remember their history and the importance of gold and silver for their own protection.

Inflation is another factor. Inflation is increasing worldwide and inflation steals your hard-earned money.

This sort of interest in gold and silver, around the globe, is creating an up-trend in the prices of precious metals.

But the reason to own is not only to take advantage of better prices, but to protect your wealth.

I have many articles about gold and silver here:

As you may know, YOUnique offer a new gold or silver grams savings programme. You nominate an amount of US$25, US$50 or US$ 100 per month and you receive the equivalent grams (this effectively locks in physical gold or silver and protects you from price changes).

You can also purchase gold and silver in the form of coins and silver bars.

We (YOUnique) have 1/10th oz and 1/3 oz gold coins (all 9999 pure) and 250 gram silver bars (8.04 oz 9999 pure)

See the website below at the ‘Customer Shop’ for more details.

For those of you who want to buy gold and silver in larger amounts (over US$500) and have it stored in bullion form then we use Anglo-Far East Corporation (see

It has been recommended to us to have some of your wealth out of your jurisdiction (country of residence) and readily liquid.

If you have any questions, then call of email (or even better we’ll meet you for a coffee!)

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