Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Investing in Gold for Beginners

By Andrew Smith BBS

You want to put some of your savings into gold? How much should you invest in gold? Should you buy gold and take delivery?

Here I offer 5 tips for the new Gold Investor.

1. How much should I invest in Gold?

This is a personal decision, but most commentators would recommend anything from 5 – 25% of your wealth should be in gold. It depends on how ‘bullish’ you are. Gold is an insurance for the bad times. Gold will never go to zero value. Many other investments have that possibility.

2. How much gold bullion should be in my possession and how much in a vault?

It is sensible to have some physical gold bullion in your possession. The ratio is yours to decide. Small gold bars and gold coins are the best option. You can buy small tradable gold pieces (or gold coins) at YOUnique. This company is reliable with a great track record. We sell .9999 genuine Swiss certified gold.

For bullion storage try The Anglo Far East Company. This company matches your gold investment with the actual physical gold.

3. Where do I store my physical gold bullion?

Most people buy a safe and install it in a secure place in their home. Others put gold into Bank Deposit boxes. Or you can split between the two. With YOUnique you can opt to store your gold pieces in a secure vault in Switzerland using Viamat.

4. When do I sell my gold bullion?

Gold is very liquid and can be quickly sold in times of monetary stress. If you are looking at gold as an investment, then look at some of the better commentators on the internet for advice of when to sell.

5. Who will accept my small gold pieces when I need to trade them or sell them?

Most bullion dealers will be happy to buy pure gold such as that sold by YOUnique. YOUnique will also buy these gold bullion coins back at spot (the gold price at the time) plus 10%. Also, in times of financial collapse gold will be acceptable as money to most people in exchange for goods or services.

Go to : www.YOUnique.co.nz for more information and to buy gold and silver.
If you have and questions please contact me : andrew@younique.co.nz

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